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All grains are milled fresh in our bakery.

We mill our own flour in house everyday. Most bakeries skip this step but we believe in being part of the process every step of the way. Fresh milled grains, the pick of the season, and the passion of our bakers fuels every loaf, every pastry and product we proudly serve.

We don't rush the process or mass produce.

All of our breads take multiple days to be milled, to be mixed, to rise, and to be baked—all by hand and in small batches by our bakers. We allow our bread to rise for ___hours which brings out the flavor and texture naturally.

We bake for the love it of it, not the money

We bake inspired by the techniques and traditions of the past. Our bakers wake up at 4am everyday to make a bread they believe in and enjoy creating from start to finish.